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Aerosionix LLC Radome and leading edge erosion protection

LEADING EDGE ARMOR™ Premium Radome & Leading Edge Erosion Protection.

Leading Edge Armor™

Aerosionix LLC Radome and leading edge erosion protection

About Aerosionix LLC

    1. Aerosionix, LLC consists of former management & employees of PM Research Inc.’s aircraft products division.
    2. Aerosionix, LLC's founder is a FAA Licensed A&P Mechanic with 24 Years of Aviation Experience, 15 years of aviation management experience and over 8 years managing the aircraft products division of PM Research Inc.
    3. Aerosionix is poised to be the world leader in aircraft erosion protection.
    4. Aerosionix, LLC brings you everything you have come to expect from a top notch supplier.
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I would like to provide some background information regarding the Bastian family and the formation of my new company, Aerosionix, LLC.



It starts with the founding of P. M. Research, Inc., by my father Gary L. Bastian and his partner and co-owner Paul L. Vossler. It was incorporated in 1973, and the initial production of generators began in my father's garage in Arkport, New York. In 1978 the business was moved to a new building located in Wellsville, NY.

On the personal side, my father grew up loving airplanes. He had an older brother and an uncle who were pilots. In the early 1970's he was taking flying lessons in his spare time and on his way to getting his private pilot's license. I came along and interrupted his plans for a while.



PM Research began fabricating custom plastic parts. In 1986 at the request of a local paint shop, Palmer Airmotive, my father began researching material and started the development of aircraft erosion protection masks. In 1987 P. M. Research, Inc., began sales of aircraft erosion protective masks and in 1989 attended the NBAA show to introduce the products to the general and business aviation market.

On the personal side, my oldest brother became a pilot and we all continued to be involved with the love of aviation.



The protective mask line was expanded to cover from 75 models to 210 models of aircraft, and the line was expanded to cover other leading edges. Some aircraft manufacturers and most radome manufacturers began using our product line. The U.S. Army tested the company’s radome protection and responded, "They Work Great"!

Again, on the personal side, in 1990 after graduation, I joined the U. S. Air Force and became a helicopter mechanic assigned to the 20 th Special Operations Squadron. In the early 1990's my oldest brother obtained his A & P license and inspector's license. He became an aerobatic flight instructor and began performing aerobatics competitively. In 1996 my dad finished his flight training and got his private pilot's license. In 1997 I obtained my A & P license and continued my career in aviation.



The researching of new materials continued and the material was upgraded to be even clearer. PM Research was outfitting approximately 50% of the current market for radome protection and has passed the 100 mark for airline customers. New products were added for landing lights and nav lights. The Paris Air Show and Farnborough, UK Air Show were attended to increase the company's presence in the European market.

While pursuing my career in aviation, I also worked at home part time on PM Research's web sites and shopping carts. I began working full time at PM Research, Inc., with the expectation of moving into my fathers's position after his retirement. I had some big shoes to fill.



New kits for complete aircraft coverage of erosion-prone areas were developed. New trade show graphics were completed.

My father continued to fly, my oldest brother continued to fly, my next older brother decided to fly ultralights, and I took some flight lessons and soloed. The family continued to enjoy all aviation related activities including fly-in breakfasts, air shows, air museums, etc. If it flies, we want to know about it.



For us this became the year of big change.

Gary Bastian and the Bastian family split away from PM Research after forty plus years, due to circumstances outside of our control.

After much heartache and some time to heal;

I have decided to make use of the knowledge and experience I have learned from my father and the aviation industry to open Aerosionix LLC.

It is my wish to provide you with the same outstanding products, quality, service and support as you have come to expect. I will always strive to conduct business in a fair, ethical, moral and conscientious way. I hope you will give me a chance to fulfill your requirements for your aircraft erosion protection.


Did I mention we love aviation! 

Aerosionix LLC Radome and leading edge erosion protection

LEADING EDGE ARMOR™ Premium Radome & Leading Edge Erosion Protection.

Leading Edge Armor™

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